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Gaskets and Clamps

Exhaust Gaskets
All types of exhaust gasket for every make and model of car do much the same thing: they reduce several exhaust ports into one exhaust pipe.
Exhaust gaskets are often overlooked when it comes to servicing, but they are an important part of your car's safety and performance. Faulty exhaust gaskets can lead to loss of engine compression, which reduces your car's power. In addition, a faulty exhaust gasket can force exhaust gases into your engine's cooling system, causing it to overheat.

Exhaust Clamps
Although one of the most overlooked parts of any exhaust system, your car's exhaust clamp plays a vital part in the smooth running of your car.
Exhaust clamps are used to maximise the flow of exhaust fumes from your engine and out through the exhaust pipe. A faulty exhaust clamp can hinder the flow of these gases and, in some cases, even cause them to build up in the car itself. There are a great range of quality
exhaust clamps for any car and they are simple to install, but can have a significant impact on your car's performance.


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