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Steering Racks & Mounts

Steering Rack
The steering rack reacts to the movement of the steering wheel altering the cars direction. If your steering is feeling loose or soft, or you're experiencing excess play or the steering wheel is rolling from side to side, then you may well have a steering rack problem.
With plenty to go wrong between turning the steering wheel and changing direction, there are plenty of 'weak points' like defective racks, pinions, shaft arms and spindles that can fail. It's likely that you will need to replace the steering rack as a whole component. Steering racks come in a wide range of shapes sizes and models.

Steering Mount
Are you detecting unpleasant noises from you power steering unit when you turn the wheel hard? Is the noise getting progressively worse? You may have air in the system or the power steering fluid level may be low. Alternatively you may need to tighten or replace the power steering drive. Most likely though the steering mount for your power steering pump has become loose or is damaged and needs replacing.



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