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Diesel Particulate Filter

Our Solution to your warning

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Part Number -  J02210

When you add a bottle of JLM DPF cleaner to every service interval it will act as a preventative treatment. However, you can add it when DPF filter light is illuminated to cure the blockage. The product uses a concentrated catalyst incorporating precious metals (such as platinum) to adhere to the soot particles during combustion, lowering the temperature at which they can be burned off at. JLM DPF Cleaner is an ideal service add-on for diesel vehicles without the on-board dosing system.


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Part Number -  JLMPAT1l   /   JLMPAT4.5l

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JLM Pat Fluid, available in 1L or 4.5L, is now the universal solution for all passenger cars and vans from 2001 onwards that are equipped with an on-board dosing unit and a tank to bag containing diesel catalyst fluid. With immediate effect, JLM PAT Fluid now replaces all known OE part numbers.

Used together with the JLM dedicated Refill Kit, cars equipped with either an additive tank or a reservoir bat can be refilled easily. In the case of the latter, the reservior bag doesn't need to be replaced.



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The Meat & Doria DPF Cleaner is a product engineered to solve the problem of accumulated carbon deposits (soot) in the DP Filters of  the internal cleaning (regeneration) systems, i.e injection of additives in the filters of the internal combustion vehicles.

The MD DPF Cleaner is an aquatic-base alkaline solution, with exceptional separating strength and low viscosity for better adherence on the surfaces of the filter.



Part Number - ADM560501

- Mazda 6 2002-08 2.0DTDPFsample filter Thumbnail0

A diesel particulate filter, also known as FAP or particle filter, is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter (soot) from exhaust gasses.




DPF Reset Tool

A new specialised hand-held Diesel Particulate Filter diagnostics tool allowing garages to:dpftool Thumbnail0

  •     Regenerate Diesel Particulate Filters
  •     Reset the EOLYS additive light
  •     Identify DPF fault codes
  •     Filter replacement function
  •     Perform a static regeneration

- without needing assistance from a main dealer!


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